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The Positive Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Phase 2 and Beyond: The Positive Benefits of an Active Lifestyle During Phase 2 of the TLS 21-Day Challenge, the intensity of exercise and activity is increased to target stubborn fat and promote weight loss. But did you know that exercise can...

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Phase 2 Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready to accelerate your weight loss efforts and star shedding those unwanted pounds? Day 8 kicks off Phase 2 of the TLS 21 Day Challenge,a more intensive 2-week phase designed to target stubborn fat. You will switch gears from gentle...

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Kick Start Your Weight Loss With a Detox Cleanse

Many quick weight loss plans, while successful in the short-term, are not always sustainable in the long-run. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss require lifestyle changes that can be adopted for, well, a lifetime. Phase 1 of the TLS 21-Day...

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TLS Weight Loss Challenge

DISCOVER A BRAND NEW YOU IN JUST 21 DAYS TLS Weight Loss Solution is an effective weight loss program that does not require you to count calories, provides a step-by-step guide for maximum fat burning and delivers results in just three weeks. How...

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Fight free radicals with Isotonix OPC-3

Did you know that free radicals are essential to the body’s ability for turning air and food into energy? They are, after all, the natural byproduct of metabolism. Free radicals are also essential to the body’s immune system, aiding in...

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Do you want to help your child fight his or her asthma symptoms?

Treating Asthma Symptoms with Chiropractic Care Several studies have explored the connection between spinal manipulative therapy (the chiropractic adjustment) and improvement in the symptoms of asthma. Both parents and children have reported lowered...

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Can you make my chronic headaches and migraines go away?

There are many types and causes of headaches.  Regardless of the cause, if you have a headache, you want it to end. Fast! This has produced a huge market for medications that cover up the symptoms of headaches.  Powerful drugs can numb...

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Natural Healing Saves Your Sanity and Money

Are you tired of staring at the monitor screen for 8+ hours day? Do you find your relief by resting in front of the television to cap off our day? Do you feel like it’s time for an escape? If so, you are not alone.  According to the NY...

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One thing that betters our health, relationships & prosperity!!

Picked up a good book lately? If so congratulations as you just might be staving of cognitive decline in your senior years. Reading is to the brain what exercise is to the physical body. Both our body and brain need stimuli to grow, develop, stay...

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