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Health Benefits of Love

Posted on April 5th, 2017

Health Benefits of Love

Year ago, around the early 1990’s, a group of women including my wife Patricia, volunteered their time at a local care facility.  There they would spend time on a weekly basis doing one thing and only one thing.  This one thing has since been shown to create steady heart and respiration rates as well as shape and influence sleep patterns of premature babies in a positive way. This one thing has even been found to contribute to a more affective attention span (the ability to direct ones’ gaze and actions toward a goal). Hang loose (as it is said in the Hawaiian Islands) a moment and I will share with you what this one thing was that made such a world of difference.

Recently a referral was sent to the health and wellness center that I direct.  He (we will call him Victor for the sake of this story) was in his early 40’s with a history of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  MS is a potentially crippling disease in which there is an erosion in the protective sheath called myelin covering the nerves.  When this protective covering that acts like insulation so the nerve can transport electrical impulses is eroded or is missing, the messages sent from the brain through the nerves and downstream to a body part don’t make it as intended.  The results of this porous insulation is a whole host of health concerns, for example an inability to walk.  Going on, Victor had also been suffering with very bad migraines for more years than he can remember (on a 0 to 10 pain scale with zero being the absence of pain and 10 being so high he couldn’t take it anymore, his migraines were a 10; all day every day). The migraines reached a point of being debilitating some time ago and so Victor found himself no longer to work to support himself. Being unemployed, his adoptive mother took him in to care for him. His problems didn’t end there. Victor also suffered with sharp pains in the back of his neck that would come and go and sharp pains that encompassed his whole lower back.

Victor was given an examination revealing multiple spinal misalignments and stress (a condition called vertebral subluxation in which one or more spinal vertebrae of the spine are out of proper alignment negatively influencing the function, performance and communication flow in the body), particularly in the sub-occipital area (the very top of the neck just below the back of the head). Treatment was administered immediately and included spinal adjustments and therapeutic laser to support brain function. Reporting a 10-20% improvement in his migraines and a big drop in his neck pains, during his 3rd visit he shared an additional reaction to the care he had received, and a surprising one at that. He revealed that he no longer suffered with dyslexia! What? He shared that every day he did reading training to help improve his dyslexia and now he was reading as fast as his mom, and no longer inverting letters and words.

What does Victor’s story have to do with the “one thing” the ladies did at the care facility and the corresponding positive health changes in children?  Well Victor relayed additional information about his upbringing. That his mother was mostly about herself.  She went out to clubs, and without a babysitter his mom would take Victor (age 8) and his little sister (age 5) to clubs with her. As for school, he was told to do whatever he wanted. Did young Victor want to go to school?  No.  so he didn’t.  Instead he found himself joining a gang at the ripe old age of 8, smoking and doing a lot of marijuana. He said the eventually the best thing his mother ever did for him was to give him the choice of going to a juvenile facility or go live with his aunt; never ever knowing his biological father (nor having the influence of a father figure) added to a non-caring mother and not wanting to go to a juvenile facility, Victor choose the aunt option. Victor admits to growing up with a lot of anger and hatred; Victor’s world however turned around thanks to the love his aunt poured out on him. Eventually Victor’s aunt became his mom through the adoption process.  It is safe to say that the neglect and lack of love shown to young Victor affected his cognitive development and health early on as well as contributing to his feeling of anger and hatred he felt.  He is now catching up on increasing his health; his cognitive improvements now include the ability to concentrate and think clearer and pay his bills (bill paying was a chore before).

Oh, by the way, what was the one thing the ladies did at the care facility in the 1990’s (and still goes on to this day with even greater need) that was found to create so many health benefits?  They loved little babies and children by hugging them.

I would like to end this by saying, “thank you mom and dad for all the love!”.

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