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Can changing your posture change your destiny?

Posted on April 26th, 2017

Can changing your posture change your destiny?

Growing up I loved watching Gilligan’s Island on television. If you remember the show, you remember how different each of the characters were. Let’s play a little game. I will describe the characters by their posture and mannerisms. See if you can guess whom I am describing. 

Which two characters had a snooty walk and moved with a posture of arrogance. Name the characters? 

If you recalled the very wealthy couple, Thurston Howell III and his wife you’re right

What character was sexy and moved with a soft elegance?  

If you recalled Ginger the Hollywood actress you’re right again! 

Which character comes to mind as being assertive, headstrong and commanding?  

This character was known as the Skipper

Who often had his head down, shoulders rounded hunched over (because of another screw-up preventing the ship-wrecked islanders from being rescued)?


These non-verbal communications of posture are part of our consciousness of who we believe ourselves to be. This is important.  Which is why I’d like to give you a more recent example. For those of you too young to remember Gilligan’s Island, let’s try something else…

I want you to think of an image of a confident person, a champion, someone victorious?

Some examples that come to my mind are icons like Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor (Volleyball multi-Olympic gold medalist) or multiple Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt (swimmers). I vividly remember them crossing the finish line in the 100 meter dash to win gold. Their fists were raised high along with their head or their arms were open wide and extended to the sky triumphantly. These are a natural postures associated with a winner. 

What relevance does this have in our daily life? 

What posture do you associate with happiness, joy, and ease? 

Does a person hunched or curled over come to mind?  

No. What comes to mind is someone with their chest up and out; a person upright, open, bright (like the sun), radiating positive cheerful energy and a smile.  For the sun, it matters not if there are clouds; the sun always continues to shine. It can be this way for each of us as well if we know where to focus our attention and energy!

Research is beginning to show that the saying, “fake it till you make it” is true. I prefer “fake it till you become it” but the principle is still the same and the “it” so many people are after is a “happy”(mindset). Happiness is a combination of health, harmony and prosperity. 

It’s not so easy to change some of our “lesser serving” mindsets. Which begs the questions… The solution? 

The solution is: Change your posture!  

Yes, changing your posture can have an effect on your brain and ultimately your mind. We are not just talking about how to stand but how to move too. 

Do you have a challenging time being forgiving, kind or loving? No problem.  Just start moving your body (and therefore your mind) as if you are such a person. Then repeat this frequently and sooner or later you may find yourself being the person with the characteristics you desire.  

Facts are we can influence our energy level, hormones and mood; even influence how we are perceived by others (this may even be handy when interviewing for a job or looking for a prospective mate).  

The bottom line is this… we can improve our destiny or life by morphing our posture (our mind/body position) into the state we want. 

For further support in this concept you can watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on Youtube or call our offices to set an appointment to meet with us.

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