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We become our thoughts!

Posted on April 12th, 2017

We become our thoughts!

What kind of thoughts flow through your mind upon waking in the morning?

Do you arise with the thoughts of…

“I have awakened another wonderful day!”

“I can hardly wait to see and experience all the good things today.”

Or, how about “I am looking forward to being of great service and helping others today.”

Maybe you wake up with the thoughts of dread, doom and gloom (stressing out before you even get out of bed).  Not to worry you are in good company. Many people have thoughts of unhappiness with their lives. Many people have thoughts and feelings of being unfulfilled and stressed out. They lack positive thoughts about going to work.

In fact, did you know that Mondays are the worst day of the week for many?

How do I know?

Because there are more heart attacks and sudden deaths on Mondays than on any other day of the week. Apparently, researchers say there is a kick up in the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol that occurs in working people, especially on Mondays.

What about people that can’t sleep at night? Know someone that clenches their teeth or requires a mouth guard to prevent the grinding of their teeth?

How about indigestion, think a person’s thoughts might play a role in these scenarios?

Odds are, thoughts are swirling around in our heads constantly.  The question becomes, are our thoughts good and positive or are they negative.  Toxic thoughts leads to a toxic body.  A toxic body equals poor health.

Do you want to be healthy? Start by thinking more positive thoughts.  Have trouble thinking or staying positive, then we can help you to do something about it. Examples include:

1.) Biofeedback which removes old memory patterns from the physiology.

2.) Spinal adjustments release pent up stress and negative patterns, even impacting our actions and reactions!

3.) Coaching which brings to our conscious mind thoughts which we would easily choose to change if we knew we were thinking them and what thoughts we could choose instead.

4.) Laser treatment which leads to more focused thoughts and motivation along with a release of negative thinking.

It amazes me every time I see a smile and a face filled with happiness following one of our services.

Looking to improve your thoughts and not sure how?

Call our wellness center today and we will get you on road to more positive thinking and with possessing the right thoughts for healing and moving in a positive productive direction in life.


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