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Turning Traumas Into Treasure

Posted on April 17th, 2017

Turning Traumas Into Treasure

What does giving birth, learning how to walk or ride a bike, have in common?

What about driving a car, playing sports and sitting at a desk for 8 hours?

Furthermore, what do traveling cross country in a car or plane have in common?

In one word, all these things cause us Trauma.

What’s so traumatizing about birthing a baby? Well having been present on a number of occasions when babies entered the world, I can tell you first hand the forces (pulling and twisting) used to get the newborn out of the birth canal can be significant. C-sections are no exceptions.

Then there is the crawling to walking stage for babies. Have you ever watched a toddler learning how to walk? How many times did they fall on their rump or bang their heads?

I remember sitting in a restaurant watching a young toddler that had momentarily escaped the attention of his parents. The little tike must have fallen a dozen times in less than 5 minutes; this was awkward to watch, as he would fall backward and hit his head, or at other times land off-balance jerking his body in a strange way that you just know isn’t good.

More obvious to most of us are traumas, caused by sports and auto collisions. These types of collisions can result in a range of injuries from minor to major. However, there is an added danger, if left untreated (thinking the problem will just go away) these injuries (traumas) often get worse as time goes by. We all have heard the story about the great college or pro football player that crawls out of bed or hobbles years or decades after their prime playing years. (the “shooting star” becomes the “falling star”).

Then there are the less obvious traumas, called micro traumas. These traumas creep up on us in unexpect or unassuming ways. For example sitting for long periods of time. Whether at work or stuck on a long cramped plane flight for several hours, the results are often the same.

These types of forceful constraints on our bodies, cause poor posture and the accompanying aches and pains. We often override these warning signs of our body because we are so focused on our work or hunched over our social media. This forms bad habits of being distracted from the cries of our body; until, that is, our body captures the attention of our mind with a more severe pain or limitation in bending or turning movements. No wonder it is now said that sitting is the new smoking.

Traumas, big or small, left untreated lead to swelling, inflammation, tissue injury, poor function, performance and possibly pain. Ironically, it is the lucky ones who feel pain because they are the ones who get the early warning to know you need healing. These pains keep us from re-injury and premature aging (aging is bad enough, what’s worse is getting old before your time) of the body, and it’s tissues.

To minimize the damage traumas can have on your body, or to find out how well your body has recovered from passed traumas, a simple spinal evaluation is vital. This evaluation will reveal the positive adaptation your body has made through the years and alert you to areas of concern. Once we know what (if any areas of concern you have) we’ll be able to take action steps to reverse any problem areas. Getting your spinal evaluation could be one of the best

things you or a loved one will ever do! Here’s to turning the T of trauma upside down – or as I like to say what I do, “Turning Traumas Into Treasure” (TM: trademarked).

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